My thoughts with 1 vs. 2 children

Thoughts with first child= numbered
Thoughts now having two= italics directly underneath

  1. Take care and keep baby alive and happy at all times.
    Well this is still the goal, but just I'm more realistic that I can't make everyone happy ALL the time.
  2. Take everyone's advice, every blogs advice, every books advice, but also create my own path without caring what others think and do it all perfectly.
    Follow my gut, look into advice or help when I truly want it, and know things come in phases and will pass... but as long as they are loved and feel safe I am doing it right.
  3. Take care of every relationship I have ever cared about by constantly trying to plan meet ups, events or visits no matter how tired or jam packed my schedule feels.
    Realize the people who love you and care most will still be there and will make it easy to keep in touch by not giving added pressure.
  4. Make sure all baby eats is organic and homemade.
    Make sure baby eats and drinks.
  5. When anyone steps foot in house, make sure it is spotless!
    Sanitize bathrooms regularly, vacuum daily but do it for us and our enjoyment- not someone else's presence.
  6. Make sure I'm doing all home duties because I'm home all day.
    Keep things running as best I can, and know that it will be get done and with Dan's help too.
  7. Find a routine and stick to it no matter what or else its ruined.
    Find a routine and flow but know realistically that will be thrown off on occasion and we all will survive.
  8. Don't ask for any hands on help because I'll be fine and people do it with more kids and on their own all the time.
    Take up the offers of help because it will be helpful and create peace (imagine that?).
  9. Put my needs and myself last so that I know everyone else is thriving.
    Put myself first sometimes so that I know everyone else is thriving.
  10. Only plan outings out of the house around baby's nursing schedule.
    Plan outings out around awake times to protect sleep/naps, and learn that no one cares if you nurse in your car, in public, and if they do then they do and it's not my problem.
  11. Pretend that you don't care about others judgments and opinions on you/your mommy style/your kid.
    Admit that it can hurt but move on because no one has time for that.
  12. When baby is up, entertain baby and devote all attention to baby. When baby sleeps, sleep too.
    When baby is up, find interesting occupying safe tasks for baby that will allow you time to do whatever is needed/wanted. When baby sleeps, enjoy your time however that may be... sleeping may not be it- it may involve chocolate and my DVR.
  13. Remember, everything goes so fast so don't forget that and I better appreciate every moment.
    It's true, I probably won't forget the time I was carrying a baby on my hip, had 2 dogs in my hands on leashes while pushing a double stroller with a toddler who was crying a mile from home (side note: I did call my husband to come help because it literally just was not safe)... but I'm not remembering that with warm fuzzy feelings. Some moments are better left in the past.
  14. Being a Mom is one of my most favorite and greatest things I've ever done.
"There is no way to be a perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a great one" -Jill Churchill