Whole Wheat Bread

One of the things I don't do enough is make my own bread (using a bread machine). It is sooo fast to prep!

I will say it is worth the investment- if you are a bread person. (Not because its necessarily going to save you tons of money but because it will create delicious homemade, non processed, bread!)

It's one of those kitchen tools/appliances that takes up counter space. So that is a downside, and if you store it elsewhere it might just end up collecting dust.

I store mine down in our walk-down storage basement. So it's really accessible. I typically just stick to the one recipe I'm going to share because it requires so few ingredients and usually always ones we have on hand! But you can make dough (think pizza or dinner rolls), and cakes and all sorts of fun things!

The recipe is straight from the booklet that came with the machine:

There is also a crust color setting on the machine (I usually stick to medium).

I always opt to make the Large 2 lb bread- you can always freeze half of it if you won't use it all in time. We usually eat the whole loaf between my husband, toddler and I within a few days.

We usually slice as we go to help prevent it getting dried out or stale. But it's perfect for breakfast, just heat it up and add your choice of topping (butter, jam, peanut butter, avocado, etc.). It's also great for a snack, or a side at dinner. We've even tried using it for sandwiches. It works, but it is a heavy and dense bread, so it's just your preference!

*Depending on your settings (size, and crust color) times for cooking vary. Plan on it cooking somewhere between 3-5 hrs.