Dog Days Are Over

We are major dog lovers. We have never treated our dogs like dogs. And we let them get away with a lot. We did initially train them, but at 5 and 6 years old they still require treats to do anything. Our weekends were focused on exercising the dogs and making sure they had every need met.

And before we welcomed our first baby, I remember being so teary about how everything was going to change for them. And it did change, but I try to remind myself that things can change and be for the better.

They have to follow commands more often. And as I previously mentioned, they don't do anything without treats... so they are getting a lot more treats.

They get an average of 2 walks a day, sometimes more. This helps with their energy and helps make my day easier.

They definitely reap the benefits of a toddler eating at the table. Whether it be free hand outs, or the mess that comes with meal time sometimes- they win.

They have way more stimulation and things to keep on track. Phoebe, our female, thinks she is a nanny to these kids.

But the best part that I never thought of is that instead of just 2 humans loving on them, they have 4. Days filled with kisses, and treats, and pets, and laughs and smiles.

So if you are feeling down about your doggies and everything that has changed for them. Look at the things they've gained. But also, hug them a little harder and sneak them a treat when you can because they are only here for so long. (ugh- sorry to end on a sad note, but that's where my mind goes when it comes to loving on my pups!)