Summer Time Set Ups

#activities #organization

Search Pinterest and you will get a million ideas of things to do with toddlers outside. I personally plan on utilizing a lot of them! But…

Shannon Dingman

Amazon Finds I Stumbled Upon but Would Buy Again as a Mom

#organization #momlife

Here is a list of random [like really random] products that over the past few years we bought, used for our life with little kids and…

Shannon Dingman

Some of My Favorite Phone Apps

#technology #organization #relatable

Okay, aside from the obvious apps like camera (I use this everyday), Gmail (I'm all things Google, and if you aren't in Gmail yet, then there's…

Shannon Dingman

Toy Rotation and Organization

#organization #home #momlife

Somewhere along the way, and I'm not sure when, I felt like we had so many toys around I was living in a toy store. The…

Shannon Dingman

New Years Day Organizing

#home #organization

So, this is kinda just a preachy rant. I don't have any tips or tricks or hacks. It's just the plan idea that you should take…

Shannon Dingman