Please Don't/ Please Do

A new Mom's list to tell the world

Please Don't

  1. Please don't ask me to hang out at night right now- anytime after 5pm is hard and exhausting.
  2. Please don't expect me to text you back right away.
  3. Please don't give me any more sweets or junk food.
  4. Please don't buy me nice things- they will either end up broken, or drooled on.
  5. Please don't brew decaf coffee.

Please Do

  1. Please offer to come to my house(it's 10x easier for me right now).
  2. Please text or call- even if I don't respond (it's nice to be thought of).
  3. Please still invite me to things even if I say "No" a lot.
  4. Please teach me hacks for faster food, caught-up laundry and clean kitchens.
  5. Please remember I am more than a Mommy, but most importantly a Mommy.