Our Big Days

Some of my favorite and best days have no pictures or anything to show for them besides they were spent with people I love, doing things we love. But of course there are those major milestones, and big days, that form your life and make you, YOU.

So, since I'm still new to blogging and still slowly gaining a following, I'd like to share some of my personal big days that have lead me to where I am.

Dan and I actually went to middle school together and knew of each other and some friends overlapped. But we officially met in the ticket line buying prom tickets on the last day possible after school. We were standing next to each other and a couple next to us was really enjoying a make-out session in the halls...making it awkward for everyone else. But thank goodness they did! They became the ice breaker for conversation a few days later when Dan was out with our mutual friend (our best man in our wedding) and met up with me and a friend. And there started our relationship.

Fun Fact: I gave Dan my car keys to hold in his pocket early on in the night because then he had to stay around until we found each other at the end if the night (we graduated with 1,150 peers, so post ceremony is a little crowded)

Which led to dating long distance in college for 3 years. Dan had enough AP to graduate a year early with a heavier course load, and then I hustled to catch up with heavier semesters and summer courses. We got engaged December 2010- our "senior" year in college.

I'm so awkwardly showing my ring. We were the first of our friends to be engaged so I never got the memo how to cutely place my hand on his chest and get a good photo.

Which led to our wedding September 2011

We moved out to Chicago, IL a few weeks after graduating. Dan got his first job out there so there we went! So much growth, discovery, influences and learning happened there. And really, just me moving that far at first was a miracle because I went to college 30 minutes away from home and basically commuted senior year. I was such a homebody!

More recently we moved to Cincinnati, OH for a year for Dan's job. Although it was a short transplant it again brought us growth, discovery, influences and learning. Plus it's where our baby girl was born and completed our family!

When we were living in Chicago after a year, we had moved out of our cute, perfect first apartment to a place that allowed dogs because I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I missed wagging tails and puppy cuddles.

I definitely advise anyone to get a dog, better yet an untrained dog before having kids. Phoebe taught us so much. Time management, putting someone else before yourself, keeping someone a live, advocating for someone else's medical needs (she has been a very expensive dog in vet bills alone), patience and so much more.

SO CUTE! However, I would never get a puppy and go through potty training that puppy while living on the 33rd floor of a high rise in a city again. Needless to say, we had to replace the carpets when we moved out.

Eventually we moved back to Philly suburbs, and landed in King of Prussia. We literally did not think any houses existed in King of Prussia because it it home to one of the largest malls in the country and then surrounded by even more shopping, restaurants and other commercial venues.

And we didn't just take on home ownership, we added another dog to our family!

We bought it after it had been flipped and I say, that is the way to do it for first time homeowners (especially if you aren't handy, crafty or into DIY like us). Not everything was how we may have chosen to design it but there was no maintenance or reason to put more money it in.

If you've read my post about my pregnancy sickness, then you'll know I wasn't a huge pregnancy fan. It was not fun. But it was exciting to see the first ultrasounds, and hear the heartbeats, and announce the news, and set up a nursery, and pick a name, and of course to hold that newborn bundle of joy.

Nothing can compare you for Motherhood. At least that's how I feel now in hindsight. It was all always happy for me. I never had to go through anything scary or depressing or extra tiresome (i.e. colic, postpartum depression, NICU or ER visit).

It was all pretty by-the-book. But how weird is it that one day you are walking around big bellied, and the next you are a Mom and totally responsible for this little baby life and everything they need depends on you??!?

There's nothing like going from: only worrying about yourself, on your time, with your plans to: being in charge of a baby who needs you, has no sense of time or plans, and having to learn all the cues and needs of this new baby stranger.

And that brings us to present day...I'm not really sure what the next BIG moment will be for us. I'm loving the adventure so far and I am enjoying the little moments. I'm not interested in doing something else big, or planning for the next thing... For now, all I want is to get at least like 7ish good hours of sleep at night, get some warmer weather and drink my coffee to the soundtrack of pitter-pattering feet (from both kids and doggies).