New Years Day Organizing

So, this is kinda just a preachy rant. I don't have any tips or tricks or hacks. It's just the plan idea that you should take some time, make it work, and organize.

We moved in mid-August 2018 and we did a lot right away. I was living at my in laws for a week with the kids and dogs while Dan, his Dad, and my Dad painted the WHOLE inside of the house. They cut down bushes, they did all the little things you have to set up when you move. Like cable, electricity, trash, water. Dan set up beds, and cribs, and curtains. He hung up clocks and lights. He had contractors there knocking out some walls, and building others, and putting in a sliding door, and building a deck and putting in floor and carpet. It was a lot, and we pushed through it. And then we moved our stuff in and unpacked and set up. By Will's second birthday and Liv's baptism at the end of September, we were basically unpacked.

But our basement, was a walk down basement and was partly unpacked, and cleaned but not to the state we wanted it.

Then the next few weeks went by and we were putting out decorations for various holidays, putting baby equipment down there that Liv was done with, pulling out other toys, slowly unpacking some boxes in search for specific items, but never setting it up. Then Christmas gifts were being put down there in hiding, and the list grew. And it was really ANNOYING us. But there wasn't much time to fix it.

Until New Years Day, we were on total refresh mode. And we made it work. We divided and conquered and we set it up once and for all.

It's not a room we hang out in, but I go down there at least 2x a day. We have toys down there, we have an extra fridge, kitchen supplies stored, wrapping paper boxes, suitcases and extra bags, light bulbs and batteries, and so on.

For Christmas, I asked Dan for a easy pantry like storage closet for down in the basement to keep kitchen supplies and some back up food. And lucky me, I got it! The built-ins we have weren't big enough for the crock pot, or the pans and things I have and use frequently but don't have room for in our kitchen.

Really happy with this! (Dan got it at Home Depot)

On New Years, we went to work. Dan also cleaned out our papers and files, hung up new things from Christmas (the kids each got a shelf, and we got a new clock) and I cleaned out the pantry and we just got SO MUCH SHIT DONE. It was the best way to spend New Years Day. And to be honest, I'm not sure what Will was doing the whole time, but he is definitely at the age where he loves helping- which is helpful! Whether it be throwing things out in the trash, or sweeping, or mopping, or whatever! And I think he took a good 2 hour nap. So that's how we got all of it done.

It's funny how before kids, 2 hours felt short. But now...give me 2 hours and I will use every last second to its full advantage.

I think what worked best for us is that we weren't planning on doing any of it that day. We didn't set it up on a pedestal and make it this day of chores we were dreading. We just felt like getting stuff done and starting the New Year right and the day allowed it. For us, that's why its so important to just have free days at home because you never know what may come from it.

Our cute sidekick

Sometimes you just have to do stuff that will help in the long term. I hope by sharing our refresh day, it will inspire you to organize something in your life. Whether it be a junk drawer (everyone has one of those right?), a bedroom closest, a storage area, or even just your calendar! It's a task you won't regret doing.