Naptime Hustle

When I finally get both kids down for nap- at the same time (which is becoming more regular but is still also never a sure thing)- I never know what to do.

Do I...

1.Take the time to just relax (whatever this means... bath, tv show, fresh air, nap, etc.)

2. Clean up the house (whatever this means.... dishes, laundry, wipe up, disinfect bathroom, go through paper stack, clean windows)

3.Make phone calls when I won't be interrupted (call to schedule appointment, catch up with a friend, call a relative)

4. Write on my blog (or brainstorm, or Instagram)

5. Meal prep/cook (for tomorrow, for snacks, for dinner, or for an event, shop on Instacart)

The list could probably go on...

It's a daily struggle. There are days I want to just take a break and relax... especially when its been a bout of rough nights and I can't count on after bedtime to be an open opportunity for me to unwind-  plus add in that I'm extra tired because the lack of sleep from said nights.

And then there are days where I want to just get everything done so I feel productive or because realistically I have put it off too long and I have to do it (I'm talking about the 3 loads of laundry sitting up in my room waiting to be folded and put away right now). But I usually can end up getting a lot of these house tasks done when they are awake- unless we are outside which is harder now with the nice weather (but I'm NOT complaining about the nice weather).

But for real... I'm just glad I successfully have them both asleep at the same time to do whatever I wish.