Some of My Favorite Phone Apps

Okay, aside from the obvious apps like camera (I use this everyday), Gmail (I'm all things Google, and if you aren't in Gmail yet, then there's no sense explaining it), and Instagram (because we all know about that already)... I want to share some of my favorite apps I use that make life easier.

1.Google Play
I said I was all things Google! We use Google everywhere. We have a google chrome for TV, a google home (which we use for music, weather updates, grocery lists, and random trivia). Google Play is worth the money! We use the music all the time- for ourselves, for the kids, for when I taught dance, etc. We share playlists between our phones- which has become important in the past few months when Will asks for a certain song- he is expecting a certain version, so both my husband and I are equipped! I can't compare to Apple Music, or Spotify so I guess I'm just biased... but we have not been disappointed!

2. Map My Run (Free)
One of my best friends in college showed me this site (about 10 years now) and I have been using it since. I don't even use it to its full potential. I use it mostly on my computer after a run when I want to see how far I ran. Recently, on my longer runs, I have taken my phone and it tracks my running distance and times and tells me in live time. So, at 1 mile, I get my time, and at 2 miles, I get my split and total time...and every mile from there on. It's a great tool, especially when I just go out for a long run but don't want to pre-plan my route. That way, I can go where feels interesting. And I still know if I'm going far enough. Plus, the stats after are great!

3. White Noise (Free)
It works and does the job. I use the brown noise sound for when we are traveling or putting the kids down for a nap somewhere (not at home) and it helps so much. We don't sleep with white noise anymore (mainly to make sure we can hear if Will is calling for us in the night) but when we used to, we used this app. Great for hotels too!

4. Fitbit
I know there are tons of "real" athletes who probably find Fitbit pointless. And on days I forget to wear mine or notice after running around all day I took it off to do the dishes and didn't put it back on... I have to remember any step not counted on Fitbit still happened. My husband and I laugh at how we get so intense with the social challenges against friends. The challenges are fun for competition, but they also make you feel like you are in touch with the people in the challenge too. I feel like I'm playing a game with my Dad all week long just by being involved in the Workweek Hustle- and sometimes there is some light trash talk, and other times there is someone cheering you on!

5. Life360 (Free)

This is similar to FindMyFriends but it is compatible for any device- Android or Apple. My husband and I use it mostly to allow each other to know where we are in travels without having to text. My family uses it too!

For example, one time my SIL was going to be driving late into the night alone with her three kids for 7 hours. So we told her about the app, and my MIL was able to check in on her to make sure she was okay and didn't have to bother her or ask her to text at stops or anything.

** Our friends once commented on how it's so weird to have someone to "spy" on you, but we never looked at it like it. I have nothing to hide so I could care less if people know where I am!

So, there you have it... Some of my most used and favorite apps!