How Do They Do It?

My Grandma had 5 kids. 3 of them were 2.5 and younger. That would mean right now I'd be due with my third baby in 1 month.

I know a single Mom with one kid, but the kid's father is not present in the day to day.

I have a friend with 4 kids all within 7 years of each other. And her and her husband work opposite hours.

My sister in law had 3 kids under 4 with her husband deployed or in the field for weeks or months at a time and she was miles from any family.

Both my brothers work and their wives work and they each have kids to attend to too after these days/nights of working.

I met a mom to one of my old dance students that had 3 kids under 3 years old.

My one friend is home with her kid but her husband works all day plus a commute both ways- so whats that add up to?? Maybe like 10 hours straight with no adult interaction unless she gets out of the house)

Someone I know was pregnant with baby number two while going through a divorce.

A mom in our mommy-and-me class has two foster kids under three years old and just had a baby of her own who is two months old.

My own mom had 3 under 4 years old and my Dad worked night shifts when I (the youngest) was a baby.

An old friend that I follow on Facebook is going to have kids 16 months apart. And she and her husband both work out of the house!

All I'm wondering is...HOW DO THEY ALL DO IT?

There are days I'm confused how people pull through. Yes, we have our hands full here too, but I also am so fortunate to have Dan who works from home. He walks the dogs 2 different times in the day and he will plan his lunch break right around Will's nap so I can easily put him down and he can play with or feed Liv if their naps don't match up (which is at least half of the time if not more).

Not to mention I have his helping hands in the morning to allow me to get a workout and shower in, which really sets up my day.  And then he helps with the whole bedtime routine hustle. It can be a lot with two kids, but ultimately we aren't outnumbered so we can divide and conquer!

Not to mention we also have family near by, so I can easily schedule any kind of appointment and know I don't have to work around Dan's work schedule or take the kids with me.

I just don't get how people do it. On their own, or even if they have help, it might only be in the evenings or random/odd hours.

So here's a shout out to all the Mama's out there who constantly impress me and also make me realize how lucky I am. I know I have hard days and long days and crazy days and all sorts of feelings in between. And while someone might look at me and see that we are living a crazy life- I look to other households who are killin' it and doing so many things I never have to do: pump regularly to ensure baby is fed, spend money on formula, be out of the house before your kids wake up, come home from work and fall right into a routine because that it your only time home to throw in the laundry and pack lunches and spend time together as a family, or go days after days on your own with no other adult or time to yourself.

Even if you are doing it all with someone else by your side, or have one kid, or have seven kids and a nanny, or you work, or you are stay at home mom, I give you major props!

Funny side note: I remember meeting mom's in a mom group when I had only a 11 month old. They were bonding over the hard stuff and how being a mom is hard and days are long. I remember nodding and hearing them out but also being like "huh?" but add in the new addition of baby 2 and I'm like "woah, okay I get it". And that's why I cannot imagine what a day is like for a mom of 3+ children.

Thanks to this partner! And also not pictured, our village of helpers especially my Mom and My MIL.