Let's Go For a Stroll...

A quick write up on equipment we've owned and used- specific to on-foot transportation!

But first a few key notes:

  • We stuck to everything Graco Click Connect compatible. This made it so the baby carrier easily clicked in and out of strollers, car seat bases, etc. And with baby number 2, we didn't want to find or have to buy new equipment!
  • We have had generous help in purchasing equipment or getting hand me downs. (Some were gifts, from gift cards, from baby shower props [like a "Welcome Wagon"] and hand me downs).

  1. Single Stroller- (travel system)
Graco Modes Travel System (Stroller and Car Seat), Davis

- Easy use
- Less cumbersome
- Large basket underneath and cup holders (a must)
- Tray and cup holders for child seat
- Compatible with baby carrier (Graco Click Connect)

- A little bumpy and not able to withstand certain terrains
- Not a jogger

2. Single Running Stroller

Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger Stroller - Tropical

- Really sturdy and easy to push- Has a wrist strap for safety while running
- Allowed freedom to run at whatever time of day without asking someone to watch baby
- Can withstand "rougher" terrains like grass, gravel, dirt, mud
- Huge basket and cup holders and even phone spot
- Tray for child seat
- Big sun shade for child
- Compatible with baby carrier

- More bulky and heavier to transport
- Took up more trunk room
- Have to pump tires every so often
- Not as easy to use in stores with tight isles or clothing racks
- The child's seat is always at a slight recline

3. Double Stroller- Also Graco  Click Connect compatible

SIDE NOTE: *I really wanted a side-by-side double stroller. I thought it was so cute they would be able to easily see each other and look at the same things. Also, after experiencing the annoyance of maneuvering the running stroller which is longer in size, I felt like I would get frustrated with wide turns and not being able to see the front of the stroller if I got a tandem one.

I saw a friend on facebook who had one that was side by side and made by Graco. I asked her how it fit through doors (my biggest concern with a side-by-side). She was honest and said they always fit but its really tight sometimes. The search for a Graco side by side was so difficult because they stopped making them. So I searched on craigslist and social media yard sales and found a never used one from an old baby supply store that closed down. Lucky me! Everything was great, it was on sale and although I didn't get to pick the color, I got the Graco compatibility! SCORE!

Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller, Piazza

- It is side-by-side (personal preference)
- Easy fold and not too heavy considering the size
- Able to use a baby carrier on one side and have toddler on one side
- Has baskets underneath
- Has cup holders for everyone
- Both seats are separate and recline for their own liking

- No tray for children seats
- Hard to navigate through stores and tight or crowded spaces (ex. small stores, busy city streets, crowded days at the aquarium)
- Baskets aren't as big as I'd think for a double stroller
- Not the smoothest ride- even on some cracked and old sidewalks in our neighborhood my water spills everywhere and my phone popped out once from the tray and cracked!

4. Double Running "Stroller" (or attachment to bike, skis, etc)

This was handed down and probably a 2009 or 2010 version but is a Chariot made by Thule

- Easy and smooth ride
- Huge basket with a cover to prevent things from falling out
- Hand brake for steep hills and wrist strap for safety
- Has a mesh covering, a clear covering and a sun shade allowing for flexibility with different weather
- Kids have plenty of leg room and a pouch to hold snacks or toys or whatever
- Can just use with one child and adjust straps as needed
- Can be used for various things like a bike attachment, cross country ski's and more with proper additional pieces

- Does not fold and must be taken apart to fit into trunk
- Seats do not recline, so they end up falling asleep sitting up
- Front wheel is not on a caster so to turn you have to pick up slightly
- Takes up a lot of space to store (we keep it assembled in our garage)
- Have to pump tires occasionally

5. Wagon

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

-The kids love this one!
-Prevents anyone from falling asleep and messing up a nap or bedtime
-Can easily throw whatever you need in there
- Has cup holders for the kids (although they are tiny and only fit some of our cups)
- Pretty easy to steer
- Can be used just in the backyard for fun too

- Personal preference but I hate pulling wagons because I feel so lop-sided!
- Takes up a lot of space to store or to put in car
- Does not allow for naps (which can be a pro or a con depending what you need)

6. Umbrella Stroller

Ours is a "Babies R Us" brand stroller, which doesn't exist anymore but I can't imagine umbrella strollers vary too much

- So lightweight and easy
- Takes up hardly any space
- Does the same job as a regular stroller

- No basket or cup holder or anything
- Hard to make warm and comfy with blankets
- Can't use until baby is old enough to sit safely

7. Backpack Carrier

Phil & Ted's Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier - Orange/Grey One Color

- Hands free
- Get some extra weight/exercise to your walk or hike
- Can use aside from hiking (i.e. fairs, festivals, farmers markets, beach walks, mini golf, wherever)
- Had a spacious storage to throw in essentials
- Easy use for Mom or Dad to use
- Baby is supported as sitting in a chair and hips are in proper form (do your research or ask a PT friend about baby carriers- many keep the baby in harmful positions for the hip sockets)

- We didn't end up using it as often and I thought but that's our fault!
- Baby has to had full support of neck and head before using
- Another thing to store that doesn't really fold up
- You can't see baby or easily check on
- Adds heat and sweat on summer days to your back
- Certainly needs to be safely put on or have an extra set of hands to help

Did we need all this equipment? Probably not. But we have definitely never been held back from doing stuff because we have a set up for anything.

Highest used piece is the double stroller (and single stroller when we only had one child). Anyone would survive with only that piece. However, the running pieces give me freedom as a stay-at-home-Mom to get a workout in midday if needed. The wagon is fun for the kids and the backpack was great in theory we just didn't put it to use!