Fun Programs in the Greater Philadelphia Suburbs for Young Children

1. Childworks Toddlerworks Program- Lansdale
$180 for 10 week session (sessions vary in length from 8-12 weeks and cost adjusts accordingly)

For ages 1-3 with parent or guardian. This class runs 1 hour and 15 minutes and is facilitated by a teacher but involves a lot of free play and different stations. Then a circle time with  a story and song then gym time or outside play (weather pending). WE LOVE THIS! It is kind a drive to do weekly, and it ruins naps for sure.....but it is right up the street from my in laws so my mother in law watches Liv and I've taken Will all school year. It allows him to socialize, explore and start to understand school. I would definitely take Liv next year if it weren't so far and worked with our schedule better. The staff is nice, you can bring guests, and Will has loved it!

Toddlerworks Program at Childworks

2. Littlest Music Makers- Collegeville (Also held in Harleysville and Doylestown)
$193 for 10 week session (includes materials) **sibling discounts offered

We did this right when we moved back to the area. I loved Miss Melanie and the classes. It follows the Music Together program which involves a CD/digital copy of the class songs, and a book to help you learn it at home. We did this program out in Cincinnati and I gave it 5 stars out there too. I will try again next fall possibly, but it was a little bit of a drive and was always messing up naps- and I did not want to have 2 days of car naps a week. Such a fun class to do and the kids love it. It involves singing, dancing, musical instruments, and all sorts of other props. It is a little more expensive but I think it is worth it!

3. Purposeful Play- Upper Merion Community Center (Also held in Whitemarsh)
$112 for 6 week session

Also slightly more expensive, but has been great for the winter time energy release! The teacher is great and let us try a class for free. Will is in the 2-5 year old class, but she does it for all age brackets and changes the structure for each developmental stage. Lots of gross motor skill building and also some musical fun too!

4. Toddler Time at Get Air- King of Prussia
$10 per jumper (one adult free) $3 for reusable socks

This has been such a fun free play time each time we have gone. There are only toddlers/preschool aged kids jumping and they have the whole trampoline park to themselves. Will loves it and definitely gets tired out. Liv loves it too but just can't jump yet. I specifically didn't sign Will up for a Tues/Thurs preschool class next year just so we will be able to go all together- especially in the winter!

Toddler Time at Get Air KOP

5. Kids Zone Play Hours- Plymouth Township
$7 for non resident, $5 for resident

These hours change, but if you follow them on Facebook you can stay up to date. It's basically a gym room filled with mats, balls, slides and a bouncy gym  for kids 5 and under to go and play and run around. they also have some younger kids toys, and blocks and puzzle out just to give variety and allow for different play! Liv is free right now (2 and under with sibling I believe) an I would probably go even if she wasn't but the cost would start to add up if I went all the time. It's free to members of the community center though!

Kids Zone at Plymouth Township Community Center

6. Mommy and Me Yoga Class at YogaLife Institute- King of Prussia
$20 drop-in class

I wish I used this even more than I did at the time. The instructor Randi was amazing. I loved it and even made some Mom friends through it. Poor Liv never got the chance to go because there's not an older childcare option and it falls on "school" days for us. But I highly recommend it to anyone! You don't get the same kind of yoga class you might have had once upon a time, but you do get some self-care, stretching and strengthening, and a community of other Moms.

Mommy and Me Yoga at YogaLife Institute in KOP

I have only positive things to say about each of these programs! Check out their sites and ask for a free trial (most programs where you pay for a session allow you to come try it out first). It does end up adding up in expenses- but we just budget for those activities. [Also, instead of toys or if we don't have any ideas for gifts for grandparents, they contribute to our activity fund and then we have some money to put towards programs]. It's been really nice- especially in the winter- to have activities to go to for energy, enrichment and entertainment.

**We also frequent indoor mall playgrounds, outside playgrounds and parks and we make use of our backyard. All great free options... but the programs I mentioned above offer things I can't on my own plus other kids to interact with as well as parents!