Choose Kindness

I just got off a Kohl's customer service call because I sent my last order to Ohio. {Palm to face}

I got an email saying that my package was delivered but we didn't have anything on our porch or nearby. So I pulled up the email to double check.... and sure enough- it was my own fault and I had it shipped to Cincinnati (darn you smart save address features that I usually love!).

So naturally, I HATE dealing with this stuff  (but who enjoys it?) and I was mad at myself because it was totally preventable on my part.

The customer service rep was nice and doing his job. But unfortunately delivered some news I didn't want to hear... I was going to have to track down USPS and figure it out since it's already been delivered. And I got a little snippy with him (which I never do). And I felt bad about it the second the words left my mouth... It went something like "what was the point of calling you guys then?" and "all that is going to happen is I'll call them and they will say it's been delivered, and then what?"...Rude and uncalled for (especially if you heard my tone!).

And he helped me figure out a solution (okay not really but I just reordered and asked for the same deals and coupons I had used and free shipping...) BUT he was really patient and nice the whole time despite my bitter remark, my demands and a constant squealing from a baby in the background.

As he was doing something on his end, I was thinking to myself how I should apologize. And then I was thinking how weird and wordy it might come out and how I should have just been polite to begin with. And THEN I thought it was crazy I was feeling self conscious about apologizing?!? If I've done wrong, I am able to own it and right it. There is no need I need to "double down" on being mean.

I thought about my kids and how I want them to never not do something because they feel awkward. And that I too need to follow this model. Was it awkward to stop the conversation and apologize to the guy? A little. I didn't have a good excuse and I was taking my frustrations out on a customer service rep who was just doing his job.

Here I go teaching and preaching patience and kindness to my kids all day and I got all huffed and puffed over some for sale baby clothes and Kohl's cash (let's be honest though, Kohl's cash is hard earned and so helpful with growing kids and babies).

So some lessons learned:

1. Be kind and spread it around. Even if you were mean for a second doesn't mean to continue being mean.
2. Practice what you preach!
3. Delete old addresses off of shopping accounts.

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