Best 2 Game-Changing Tips

1.Add Water
*When moods get funky, become a water junkie.*
-Create water play (water table, pouring water, playing in the sink, filling up bowls) and add props or just leave it up to imagination
-Go swimming, set up a sprinkler, take a play bath, take a play shower.
-Drink water

Water in all sorts of buckets with all sort of tools.

2.Get Outside
*To start a fresh mood and reset, go outside whether you bundle up or sweat*
-Take snack time/mealtime outside.
-Dress up in rain gear and splash in puddles.
-Go out for 10 minutes or 2 hours.
-Go for a walk/bike ride/scooter ride.
-Explore a creek or playground.
-Read books or do arts and crafts.
-Play literally ANYTHING.
-Make an obstacle course.
-Go for a scavenger hunt.
-Dig and bury things.
-Climb a Tree.
This list could get really long but you get my drift.

warm summer rain= puddle splashing

All I'm going to say is whether its me who is in a mood, or my kids are having a hard day- either one of these things are what fixes it. Ask my husband... after some wild behavior and patience-testing times he will hear me sing: "Outsideeee.. EVERYBODY OUTSIDETIMEEE" (in my singing-because-I'm-on-my-last-whim kind-of-voice). And once we are out there sometimes that is enough to reset, and other times I have to add water.

Pro tip: take water with you and chug it down right away. It will help.