Berry Banana Bliss- Overnight Oats

4 servings (About 1 1/2 - 1 3/4  cups each)

  1. Oatmeal (about 3-4 cups depending on preference for consistency)
  2. Roughly 4 tbsp of almond butter- I use smooth but any kind will do
  3. 4 tbsp of Chia seeds
  4. 3 scoops of Vanilla Whey - or your protein supplement of your choosing
  5. Frozen Raspberries- as many as you'd like... I put about 1 cup in
  6. 1 banana (cut in half and then into slices)
  7. handful of meg chocolate chunks (I used dark chocolate Enjoy Life brand)
  8. Unsweetened, vanilla almond milk to consistency*

*I usually dump about 2 cups of the almond milk in freely. Then I mix it up and add more until it is soupy enough that the oats will have something to absorb. I like my oats to be wet and dense rather than dry and stiff the next morning.

This recipe makes us enough for 2 mornings for 2 people plus a little extra to put in a smaller container for my toddler.

                                             Ways to Switch it Up
-Swap out chocolate chunks for nut of choice (or just leave out).

-Almond milk could be any variety of non-dairy milk or even just water.

-Protein powder can be omitted or replaced with a plant based powder.

-Almond butter could be smooth or chunky, or a completely different nut butter altogether.

Q: What I love about overnight oats?
            A: The flexibility and ability to use what you got on hand!