Hi, I'm Shannon

I'm just a typical suburban young mom of 3 (currently in the stages of 3, 3 years old and under)

I'm married to my husband, Dan, who I met right as we graduated high school.

We've lived in Chicago, IL for a few years then moved back to our Philadelphia suburb roots, and then to Cincinnati, OH for a year and now back to Philly area.

We have 2 high energy, partly trained Boxer dogs, Phoebe and Boomer.

We have 3 kids (one boy and two girl)- Will born Sept 2016, Olivia born June 2018 and Cali born Jan 2020.

I don't have the answers, I don't have any medical background or chef certifications. I don't have an education degree or a legitimate reason or expertise in that you should listen to me. But I feel this need to share my own stories and tips. Because as a new mom, I read a lot of blogs and I still do! It's just a great way for me to gather new ideas and critically think about other peoples opinions and views.

So be kind as you read. I'm not saying my ways are the right ways or only ways. But they are a way, and maybe you'll take something from my musings.

So read, follow, and and enjoy!