A Day In The Life

I saw a video on mother.ly from a perspective of a SAHM's day. And I thought it'd be so cool to document our current stage of life- what our days are filled with, so.. I did. Enjoy a snippet into our life!

What I was bummed about as I watched the final cut was that it was clearly through my eyes. What I mean is that so much what Dan does and everything he contributes got cut out. When he's not with me, he's off doing something for us. Whether its sleeping beside our difficult sleeper Liv to give her as much sleep as possible, or getting all the kids dressed and ready to go, playing with the kids while I clean or pack up, etc. There is no way I could do this demanding stage of parenthood without him. Even our weekdays are a smooth rhythm of taking turns, planning lunch breaks, and so on. So while the video may not rightfully show it, he is doing so much and he is my number one partner in it all.